The Big 4-0. That’s Four….Oh!!

Ok, so by the age of 40 most people have managed to get their shit together : you’ve got the big house, the fancy car, the fitness model husband, the adorable 2.4 rug-rats, the high-powered career….oh wait, let me check that….so I have a house, tick, and I’m employed….yeeeees, but the rest?

Before you switch to Facebook thinking this is going to be a pity-party post – stop right there!

So the Big 4-0 is definitely time to take stock of your life, have a bit of a happiness audit, make a few tweaks and culls as one sees fit….but I can safely say to all those dreading the mid-life deadline, 40 is a good age. Ok, so you might not have the picture-perfect life that you envisaged at 20, when 40 sounded absolutely ancient and as far away and unlikely a place as Timbuktu, but it comes around mighty quick, let me tell you young whippersnappers, and when it does I reckon you’ll feel…..well kinda proud actually.

That’s not to say that life will have dealt you a winning hand, not at all, by 40 you’re bound to have had more than your fair share of setbacks, disappointments, countless broken-hearted outpourings of grief over a bottle of white or six with your besties….but you wear your battle-scars like a badge of honour, “yeah I’ve been through the wars but I’m still here, I’m still loving life (mostly!) and I intend to make this decade the best yet. What you gonna do about it?!”

Before I launch into a cat’s-chorus rendition of Elton’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ (which could be a tad embarrassing on this packed train), let me welcome you to my new blog – a series of observations, musings and mundane day-to-day chitter-chatter about life as a 40-years-young bird…..

Life : A Bird’s Eye View

Sam x

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