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June 2016

I’ll Drink To That

“Never drink on an empty stomach…..always have a couple of beers first….” So came the sage advice delivered dead-pan by my dad to my impressionable pre-pubescent self, as I sat listening intently to his pearls of wisdom. My sister and I were drinking warm Coca-Cola […]

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Smells Like Cheap Spirits

photo credit Having been a big blonde fish in the small pond that was Foster’s Primary, it was quite a shock when I rocked up for my first day at the imposing Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School, aka Chis ‘n’Β Sid, or “Chis ‘n’ Sad” as […]

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Sprinkle Salt On The Slug Of Self Doubt

“Sheesh, you’re looking old today, girlfriend!” “You’ve really shoehorned yourself into those skinny jeans, eh fatty?” “I wouldn’t bother applying for that job mate, you’d never get it.” With friends like that, who needs enemies, huh? Only these are not the words of a two-faced […]

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Cheeky Breeders

photo credit The Peaky Blinders may have terrorised Birmingham and beyond in the 1920s, but these days there’s a current gangster threat much closer to home: The Cheeky Breeders. photo credit This gaggle of bottle-toting bandits operates far and wide, a network comprised of minacious […]

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