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March 2017

Knee Deep In London

Knee Deep in London: Listen to the Knee Deep In Sound Podcasts Here   If moving to tranquil Sevenoaks was like double-dropping super-strength valium, then a trip back to The Big Smoke is like a shot of adrenalin to the heart.London, like any drug, loses […]

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The Non-Mum Network

Ageing raver: I love the glitz and glamour of clubbing almost as much as the music itself Those Bird’s Eye Viewers who have the dubious pleasure of being acquainted with me in real life will know that I love to party – the whole process of pondering which outfit to wear […]

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Oil Be Back

…as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say. I’ll Be Back: Arnie as The Terminator photo credit And I will, Aromatherapy Associates. You betchya sweet-scented ass I’ll be back. For these luxurious oils are to stress and tension what Arnie is to the big screen: The Terminator. One […]

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Send Me Nudes

Lads, before you start skimming this article hoping for flashes of flesh or requests for dick pics, let me be clear: it’s about nude makeup. Not actual nudes. I just used that title because it’s catchy. Soz and all that.Due to the surge in popularity […]

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Happy Birthday, Bird’s Eye View!

It’s my blog-versary!An entire year has passed since I penned my first post here at Life: A Bird’s Eye View. And what a year it’s been: from getting an article published in So Magazine, to being featured on an American podcast over in Washington DC, […]

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Because It’s Cancer

The doctor will see you now photo credit   If you’re anything like me, when you notice something different about your body – a lump, a pain, a reaction – the first thing you do is pick up your phone and tap your symptoms into […]

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