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Last October in Ibiza, whilst shaking my tailfeather and sipping overpriced vodka limons on the Space terrace, having a ball despite ball-burn (darn those pesky skyscraper heels) and a rapidly-diminishing stack of euros, I spotted a familiar face across the packed dancefloor: Eve, my glam ex-next-door neighbour from my past life in Romford. Squeezing through the jostling crowds of hands-in-the-air party people, we hugged, laughed and danced and she introduced me to her pals, one of whom was fellow fun-loving filly Tania Fisher aka @msssgym.
Back home in Blighty the parties came thick and fast and I bumped into Tania again on New Year’s Day, getting her groove on at LWE with Carl Cox and friends at Tobacco Dock. We became Facebook buddies and she started reading my blog. Tania is a veritable powerhouse of positive energy: an uber-fit personal trainer, fitness instructor and body-builder, as well as dj and presenter on Funky Essex: a legal urban radio station for dance music lovers in Essex and the surrounding counties.
Spotting an opportunity for us to have some fun, Tania invited me onto her show to spin some tunes and shoot the breeze; chatting about my current writing projects, clubbing, Ibiza…and those old goosebump-inducing tracks that really get us reminiscing about days gone by….

Tania and I at Funky SX HQ

Here’s a little taster of some of the things we spoke about:

TANIA: Tell me about yourself…

SAM: From the Deep Heat cassette tapes of the late Eighties to the current Knee Deep In Sound podcasts on iTunes, I’ve always loved vocal house, deep house and techno. Aged 17, I had my first taste of Ibiza on a Club18-30s holiday with my 12 female BFFs, returning religiously each year before settling on the White Isle aged 21 to work the summer season of 1997 and star in the Sky1 fly-on-the-wall documentary Ibiza Uncovered alongside my pal Kez Wells. It was this programme, the first-ever reality TV show, which spawned a whole new genre of guilty-pleasure television. This led to various TV appearances, magazine and radio interviews as well as several documentary follow-ups. We loved living in Ibiza so much that we did the same stint in ’98.

Over the next 2 decades, I’ve been a regular on the London and Ibiza club circuits, whilst working as a make-up artist and indulging my passion as a writer. I currently live in Sevenoaks with my partner Andy, travel frequently and work as a beauty boutique manager. I write during every spare moment on various projects including my blog ‘Life: A Bird’s Eye View’, as a regular contributor at Huffington Post UK, and as an infertility and cancer awareness campaigner. I recently established The Non-Mum Network and am currently working on my first semi-autobiographical chick-lit novel.
TANIA: What are your 3 favourite old skool house tracks?
SAM: It’s impossible to choose just 3 tracks from 3 decades of house music! But if I really have to select just three I’ll go with:
1. Raze – Break For Love (1988): I was just on the cusp of becoming teenager when this track was released! I remember owning the Deep Heat cassettes and loved listening to them on both my Sony Walkman and JVC Ghetto Blaster throughout my teens. Decades on, the technology has aged badly, but the tune is still as fresh and current-sounding as the day it was released.
2. Aftershock – Slave To The Vibe (1993): It was so hard to choose between this, Jaydee’s Plastic Dreams and Café Del Mar by Energy 52 as they are all epic tracks from the year my girlfriends and I first went to Ibiza aged 17. All Funked Up by Mother and Direckt’s 2 Fat Guitars are other old faves. It was the first time any of us had been on holiday without our parents or teachers, and here we were, 12 teenage girls spending a fortnight on The White Isle. It was the most memorable holiday of my life – I can still remember it as if it were yesterday. I plumped for Slave To The Vibe in the end when selecting one track from that year, as I can clearly remember blasting it out from the balcony of the Poniente Apartments in San An whilst we spruced ourselves up for another fun night on the town…
3. Nalin and Kane – Beachball (1997):  I chose this as my final track as it was the soundtrack to the summer of ’97 for Kez and I whilst we were living and working in Ibiza and filming Ibiza Uncovered. (Ultra Naté’s You’re Free was another classic from that year). This wasn’t the theme tune to our TV show, that was The Mighty Dub Katz’ Magic Carpet Ride. That track is also very nostalgic for me, but you can’t top the sheer bounciness of Beachball.
To listen to the full interview, click below.


A face for radio: live on FunkySX 103.7fm


Tania is live on FunkySX 103.7fm on Mondays and Thursdays 3-5pm. Click here to listen to Funky SX or go to www.funky.sx


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