Skin Lost Its Mojo? Get NUJO!

At the ripe old age of 41 I know that a positive attitude to life is the key to happiness: start the day with a smile and the rest falls into place. I’m also wise enough to know that sometimes knowing the key to happiness is not enough; it’s the doing that can be a challenge. One minute you’re skipping happily through life…the next, wading through syrup. Uphill. Oh you have the key alright – it’s just not fitting in the lock. It’s even more frustrating when there’s no obvious reason for the sudden plunge in spirits. You’re not exactly depressed, just feeling a bit…meh.

If you feel that way sometimes, there’s a good chance your skin does too. It’s a living, breathing organ after all. We all know that our outlook affects our health: if you feel good on the inside, it’s reflected in your appearance. A positive aura is like a magnet: attracting people – and things – to you. As women, our moods can change like the wind; we’re governed by our hormones. And we all know how that can feel, hey girls? One minute you’re on top of the world, the next overcome by incandescent rage. Or is that just me?

So how can we flatten out these dips in our mood? One thing that I find helps is self-care. If inner happiness shows in our appearance: glowing skin, shoulders back, head held high – then surely the reverse is true too? When you look good, you feel good – which might go some way to explaining why I’m a beauty junkie.

Therefore, when I was invited to try the NUJO moisturiser, a caffeine-based anti-ageing treatment, I jumped at the chance. Nothing piques my interest and peps up my step quicker than the lure of a new skincare product, so I swept all the others on my bathroom shelf to one side and replaced them with this: Nujo anti-ageing moisturiser.

Peering into the mirror at my unmade-up face, I was acutely aware that my skin, like me, had lost its mojo. Too many late nights and festivals had taken their toll, leaving my skin looking the colour and texture of porridge. Oh no no no – this would not do! I may be in my fifth decade, but I sure as hell don’t want to look as though I am. Especially as I still like to party like it’s 1999.

When we’re feeling sluggish the first thing most of us do is reach for a quick caffeine fix. That instant hit can be enough to sharpen the mind and get us buzzing with energy once more. Personally I hate coffee. I know, weird, huh? Which is why I can sometimes be seen necking caffeine tablets when I’m running on empty instead, washed down with gallons of builder’s tea. Well, this time I’ll be applying the caffeine to my neck rather than down it.

The moisturiser comes in a hygienic pump dispenser, white and gold with a pleasingly heavy and luxurious feel. It’s jam-packed with complexion-boosting goodies such as aloe vera juice, hyaluronic acid, antioxidant vitamins C and E, coffee butter and various plant-derived oils such as olive, sunflower, macadamia and coconut. The caffeine constricts the blood vessels, which has a firming and radiance-boosting effect. It can also reduce puffiness, which is why this cream is particularly beneficial when applied around the eye area (but no closer than the orbital bone). The NUJO moniker comes from combining the words “new” (as in new skin) and “joe” (American slang for coffee). The product is completely organic, free from parabens and sulphates and is not tested on animals. Silk protein hydrates and helps the cream glide smoothly onto the skin and, despite the plant oils used in the product’s formulation, it isn’t greasy at all.

In the evenings, when I have more time, I apply the product after removing my make-up and massage in using the accompanying pulsing eye wand to really encourage the ingredients to penetrate into the skin. In the mornings I can’t be faffing about with the massager. Fortunately the texture is light and quickly absorbed so I can aim it in the vague direction of my face, slap on my make-up, slurp my tea and sprint out the door to work.

A few days into the trial and my skin is looking smooth and feeling soft. My lines are…well, still there but hey, it’s a massage wand not a magic wand; I’m not expecting miracles. A week in and my skin is looking good. Two weeks later and instead of looking under the bed midweek for my lost mojo, I’m feeling fresh and my complexion is radiant.

Is it “hashtag Better Than Botox” as per the claim? Well I’ve never had botox so I can’t compare. The research I’ve done states that the benefits of using caffeine-based skincare are likely to be temporary, but then the same is true of botox and it’s about ten times the price. Would I repurchase? You betchya! At £29.99 this product feels high-end with a mid-range price. I’m not mad about the fragrance (kind of earthy, although it soon disappears once the product has been absorbed), and I can’t help thinking the wand is a bit of a gimmick, although at £15.99 it won’t break the bank and the massaging effect is relaxing and easily incorporated into my evening routine. There’s a starter pack offer with the cream and massager for £39.99 as an extra incentive if you’re wavering.

So if your skin is looking tired and dull and could do with an energising shot of caffeine to give it a boost, give this a try. For skin that’s lost it’s mojo, get NUJO.


Please note: I’m not affiliated with the NUJO brand in any way, nor have I been paid to write this post. I was simply gifted the product in exchange for an honest review. If you’d like to try Nujo anti-ageing moisturiser for yourself, go to and enter NUJO10 for a 10% discount. Follow NUJO on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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