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Like all the most interesting characters I’ve had the pleasure of meeting throughout my life, Ibiza has a multi-faceted personality. She is the wild, dancing-on-the-bar party girl, the last one standing at the end of the night; that crazy chica who simply throws back another shot of hierbas, flips her sea-salty tousled hair away from her face and works the dancefloor like a pro…long after the lightweights have admitted defeat and slyly slinked off to sleep. But she’s more than that. Look more closely and there’s another, less chaotic side to her: a deep, spiritual unity with nature and wellbeing that harks back to her earthy hippy roots.

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In my younger days, I sought out only the party side of Ibiza; I cared little for her yoga-loving, green juice-gulping, incense-burning alter ego. It was as alien to me as little green men in flying saucers. But then, something remarkable happened. I grew up. Or should I say, I grew old. My body started to ache. The parties become less fun when the recovery takes longer than the night itself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be a house music-loving club-monster at heart, but I now realise that the secret of a happy clappy clubber is to get the delicate balance just right. Burn the candle at both ends and you’ll soon feel the heat. Years ago, I started working as a natural remedies shop and therapy rooms manager in London, overseeing a retail team of salespeople selling essential oil-based products, as well as managing 30 practitioners offering a wide range of therapies from homoeopathy to kinesiology. It was at that point that my casual interest in alternative therapies was piqued.

Andy and I with the Espejo Degraph family

So when I was invited to the home of Gemma Espejo Degraph, husband Miguel and their two adorable children, Jaxson and Amelie-Angel (which also forms the base of their practise Electro Reiki Ibiza) to sample the treatments on offer, it was a no-brainer. Which was just as well – having rolled out of the Clockwork Orange party at Sankeys in Playa d’en Bossa a few hours earlier, the sorry remnants of my pickled little brain weren’t exactly firing on all cylinders…

the calming Zen surroundings of Electro Reiki Ibiza HQ

I needn’t have worried. Stepping out of the blisteringly hot sun – eyeballs bulging like bloodshot boiled eggs behind huge fly-eye sunnies – and over the threshold into the crisp coolness of their pretty little Santa Eulalia finca, an instant sensation of relief and calm washes over me. Within minutes, Gemma has me up on her massage table, soothing meditation music tinkling gently in the background, the aromas in her essential oil diffuser tickling my nostrils. Like a Bisto Kid (yes, I’m that old), I follow my nose and inhale deeply as she sets about preparing her tools of the trade…

The Pain Genie, as I discover this gadget is called, is a handheld electronic device that is brushed over various parts of the anatomy, looking for blockages. A bit like a pimped-up Tens machine, it sends an electrical current through the body, “sticking” to areas which require healing. When she finds an injury or blockage, Gemma gently swipes the machine back and forth over it, encouraging energy into the area – thus allowing the body to heal itself. She is able to adjust the settings, so that the sensation is mildly tingly rather than painful; it’s actually a strangely enjoyable experience. Having successfully unblocked some “sticky” areas around my lower back and shoulders, it’s time for an aromatherapy massage. This is the second stage of the trilogy of treatments, and also my favourite.

Having predicted my hangover, Gemma has pre-blended an essential oil combo just for me, incorporating peppermint (for headaches and nausea), lemon (energising) and lavender (for relaxation) in a carrier oil, and sets about kneading my knotty muscles with the miracle potion. This particular treatment is known as the Divine Punishment Cure, and is just what the doctor ordered. It’s just as well I’m face-down on the massage table, I think to myself, as my tired eyes roll back in their sockets. I’m pretty sure I’m also drooling like a dog who’s about to be fed. Not the prettiest of sights! Ever the consummate professional, Gemma ignores my Les Dawson-style gurning and instead concentrates on working her magic on my tight torso and limbs – including my lanky legs which have seized up from dancing in towering heels all night long.

Just when I’m about to nod off, she gently leads me bleary-eyed from the table and onto a squishy bed nearby, where she wraps me in the Healing Health Blanket and swaddles me tightly like a baby. The blanket is lined with reflective metallic material similar to that used in astronauts’ suits, and has undergone extensive research by the Russian Space Program. It protects against potentially harmful electromagnetic fields, and the fabric rustles comfortingly as I cocoon myself in it and have a cheeky disco nap for what feels like seconds, before Gemma gently whispers to me that the thirty minutes in the blanket is up.

Blinking furiously, momentarily dazzled by the daylight like a newborn calf, I tentatively stand once more on my wobbly legs….only to find that they are no longer wobbly at all. The treatment has worked wonders, leaving me feeling like a new woman, ready to take on the world (or at least the Ibizan superclubs) once more. I’m agog and aghast, as I goggle in the mirror at my restored face: my eyes are no longer puffy, my candyfloss head has cleared, and I feel fresh, fierce and ready to fight another day. Gemma has performed a full factory reset; she’s rebooted this old boot. I have to take a moment to physically pat myself down in amazement.

In an ideal world, a trip to Ibiza would include a full 2-week stay, with a party every few days and plenty of R&R in between…but real life isn’t like that, as we all know; it’s more likely to be a flying visit with eight parties in four days. So if you need to fix up quicker than you can turn your malfunctioning iPhone off and on again, contact Electro Reiki Ibiza and allow Gemma’s magic hands to press control-alt-delete and reset your internal hard drive so you can party hard once more…

A new woman: Gemma fixes me up so I’m full of energy and ready to rejoin the party…

Electro Reiki is not just for self-inflicted suffering, oh no! It can be used to treat a multitude of ailments, from allergies to arthritis, infertility to depression. It is also used in anti-ageing beauty treatments. Gemma herself was driven to try the treatment by her own desperation to find a cure for the spondylitis that had previously blighted her life. For more information on the wide range of personalised treatments available, follow the Electro Reiki Ibiza Facebook page here, check out the website here or contact Gemma directly at electroreikiibiza@mail.com or on 00 34 626 036 699 or 00 34 971 326 807.

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