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Electro Reiki Ibiza

Like all the most interesting characters I’ve had the pleasure of meeting throughout my life, Ibiza has a multi-faceted personality. She is the wild, dancing-on-the-bar party girl, the last one standing at the end of the night; that crazy chica who simply throws back another […]

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The Faded Brow, painstakingly applied with delicate feathery strokes, hair by pencilled-in hair; cut-crease eyeshadow so razor-sharp it’s as though the angles have been carefully measured out with a protractor (well, we’ve had no other use for such an instrument since high school); the ruler-straight […]

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Oil Be Back

…as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say. I’ll Be Back: Arnie as The Terminator photo credit And I will, Aromatherapy Associates. You betchya sweet-scented ass I’ll be back. For these luxurious oils are to stress and tension what Arnie is to the big screen: The Terminator. One […]

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Send Me Nudes

Lads, before you start skimming this article hoping for flashes of flesh or requests for dick pics, let me be clear: it’s about nude makeup. Not actual nudes. I just used that title because it’s catchy. Soz and all that.Due to the surge in popularity […]

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