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Double Wear: The Ace of Base

Double duty beauty: Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF10 Let’s keep this short and sweet girls. When it comes to foundation, Estée Lauder’s Double Wear is the daddy. End of. That’s all you need to know. Some women play their beauty cards close to their chest, for fear of revealing their other […]

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Crocodoil: Snap It Up!

When I was first invited to test CrocodOil my initial reaction was “Is this a crock…?”…closely followed by: “Surely people don’t rub oil from a crocodile into their skin? Their prehistoric-looking hide doesn’t look too supple to me; if it’s so full of goodness why […]

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Get Your Flicks On Fleek

Come on girls, who doesn’t love perfectly winged eyeliner? That super-crisp, sleek Nike tick that flicks across your eyelid, creating the perfect feline expression: the cat that got the cream.Now we all know this look can be a bitch to perfect – one eye glides […]

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Sack the Stylist

Those first lazy, hazy days of summer tend to bring the average Brit out in a hot sweat, and not just because the mercury is rising.This sweat is almost as likely to be due to the fashion dilemmas presented to us by the sudden, shocking […]

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Counter Productive

photo credit Working on the beauty circuit in the late Nineties was a bit like a Scalextric race track, in terms of both pace and circular routine: find a juicy role with a luxury brand, immerse yourself into it, onto the next….work by day, party […]

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Life’s A Catwalk, Baby!

 In the impressionable early years of my life my biggest role model, as is the case for most young girls, was my mother. During those few short years when she was actually taller than me (only until I was about 6 you understand – she’s […]

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