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Electro Reiki Ibiza

Like all the most interesting characters I’ve had the pleasure of meeting throughout my life, Ibiza has a multi-faceted personality. She is the wild, dancing-on-the-bar party girl, the last one standing at the end of the night; that crazy chica who simply throws back another […]

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Because It’s Cancer

The doctor will see you now photo credit   If you’re anything like me, when you notice something different about your body – a lump, a pain, a reaction – the first thing you do is pick up your phone and tap your symptoms into […]

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Netflix and Chills

photo credit “I got chiiills, they’re multiplyin’…..” Don’t worry, I’m not about to launch into a rousing rendition of Better Shape Up from Grease – not least because with a slight hint of a ‘tache and pasty un-made-up face I look more like Danny than Sandy right now. No, […]

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