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We’re All Broken

You are the star in the theatre production of your life; whether you’re the extrovert lead in a high-octane, all-singing all-dancing performance, a stand-up comedian using humour as your armour or an autonomous one-man show: it’s your gig. How you live it is entirely up […]

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Go For Your Smears, My Dears!

“There are different types of cells: healthy ones, slightly ugly ones…..and then there are the really dodgy-looking kind. As you have stage 3 pre-cancer, well…..yours are the type you’d cross the road to avoid…..”Oh. Rightio.My GP carried on talking, but, having dropped the C-bomb, all […]

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Cheeky Breeders

photo credit The Peaky Blinders may have terrorised Birmingham and beyond in the 1920s, but these days there’s a current gangster threat much closer to home: The Cheeky Breeders. photo credit This gaggle of bottle-toting bandits operates far and wide, a network comprised of minacious […]

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Let It Go

When the long-awaited day finally comes for you to stand before your beaming congregation of family and friends, feeling lighter than air, wearing the most expensive dress you’ll ever own and full of hope and optimism for the future, it’s easy to repeat those solemn […]

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