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Oil Be Back

…as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say. I’ll Be Back: Arnie as The Terminator photo credit And I will, Aromatherapy Associates. You betchya sweet-scented ass I’ll be back. For these luxurious oils are to stress and tension what Arnie is to the big screen: The Terminator. One […]

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Mind the (Thigh) Gap

Okay, so I may know my way around a countour palette and own more cosmetics than Estee Lauder herself, but when it comes to being catwalk-ready from the neck down – forget it! Now there are some girls who have a body for Baywatch, face […]

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Life’s A Catwalk, Baby!

 In the impressionable early years of my life my biggest role model, as is the case for most young girls, was my mother. During those few short years when she was actually taller than me (only until I was about 6 you understand – she’s […]

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