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The 40 Year Old (I.T) Virgin

  I’ve always liked the idea of being an ‘IT Girl.’ That’s IT as in rhymes with fit, not IT as in Information Technology. As a teenager flicking through the glossy pages of Vogue (in the newsagents, before putting it back and buying More magazine), […]

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Get Your Flicks On Fleek

Come on girls, who doesn’t love perfectly winged eyeliner? That super-crisp, sleek Nike tick that flicks across your eyelid, creating the perfect feline expression: the cat that got the cream.Now we all know this look can be a bitch to perfect – one eye glides […]

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Festival Chic vs Mud-Covered Freak

  Oh festivals how I love thee! Dancing in a field, sun shining, arms slung casually round the bronzed shoulders of a bunch of beaming mates – you can’t beat it. That’s a Kodak moment right there. When I’m on my deathbed, flicking through my […]

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Sack the Stylist

Those first lazy, hazy days of summer tend to bring the average Brit out in a hot sweat, and not just because the mercury is rising.This sweat is almost as likely to be due to the fashion dilemmas presented to us by the sudden, shocking […]

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