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Ibiza Uncovered

I’m A Guest On FunkySX radio

Last October in Ibiza, whilst shaking my tailfeather and sipping overpriced vodka limons on the Space terrace, having a ball despite ball-burn (darn those pesky skyscraper heels) and a rapidly-diminishing stack of euros, I spotted a familiar face across the packed dancefloor: Eve, my glam […]

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Our Fifteen Minutes

Until the first episode of Ibiza Uncovered aired on Sky1, the fact that we were about to appear on a weekly television show hadn’t fully sunk in. Sure, we’d signed on the dotted line of the contracts, filmed the “before” scenes: packing our cases at […]

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The New Star(t)

Like a cartoon bomb, the lit fuse on our two-week San An 1997 package holiday was getting dangerously close to it’s explosive finale, so it was with great relief that Kez and I finally secured the jobs that would diffuse the tense situation, thus allowing […]

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