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The Faded Brow, painstakingly applied with delicate feathery strokes, hair by pencilled-in hair; cut-crease eyeshadow so razor-sharp it’s as though the angles have been carefully measured out with a protractor (well, we’ve had no other use for such an instrument since high school); the ruler-straight […]

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Send Me Nudes

Lads, before you start skimming this article hoping for flashes of flesh or requests for dick pics, let me be clear: it’s about nude makeup. Not actual nudes. I just used that title because it’s catchy. Soz and all that.Due to the surge in popularity […]

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Double Wear: The Ace of Base

Double duty beauty: Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF10 Let’s keep this short and sweet girls. When it comes to foundation, Estée Lauder’s Double Wear is the daddy. End of. That’s all you need to know. Some women play their beauty cards close to their chest, for fear of revealing their other […]

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