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Vacation Anticipation

I. Love. Travelling. No surprises there – who doesn’t, eh? A boost of vitamin sea is usually just what the doctor ordered; a reminder of the rich tapestry of Mother Nature’s creative artwork that lies beyond the short-sighted humdrum of the nine-to-five. Travelling the world […]

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No Goa-n Back This Time…

  My last trip to Goa saw me tripping like a hippy at a hilltop rave. Unfortunately, this was not due to imbibing some fantastical mind-bending substance and having a “spiritual awakening” – you know, the kind those faux-Rasta gap yah brats bang on about […]

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Costa Rica Chica

My fourth blog, written in February 2016, documenting the adventures of the 3 musketeers (ok, volunteers, but that sounded better): De Mama (my mum), Andy (my partner) and I, as we travelled to San Jose, Costa Rica, to help disadvantaged children living in the capital, […]

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Thailand: Sam Goes Solo

My third blog, Sam Goes Solo (aka No Emotional Thais: New Beginnings…Happy Endings?) was written in 2014, when I went travelling around the Thai islands on my tod….     Sam x Fancy reading my back-story before you go any further? You can find […]

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World Wide Walsh

My first ever blog, writtenย September 2008 – March 2009 :A 6-month round-the-world backpacking adventure with my then-husband Liam…   Sam x Fancy reading my back-story before you go any further? You can find my other blogs at: Follow me: Twitter:ย @SamanthaWalsh76ย (Life:ABird’sEyeView) […]

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Buy Less, Do More

Having travelled to some far-flung places and met people from all walks of life, I’d say that some of the happiest, most grounded people I’ve ever met were the ones who had the least ‘stuff.’ ย helping at a school in Vietnam Now don’t get me […]

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