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July 2016

Go For Your Smears, My Dears!

“There are different types of cells: healthy ones, slightly ugly ones…..and then there are the really dodgy-looking kind. As you have stage 3 pre-cancer, well…..yours are the type you’d cross the road to avoid…..”Oh. Rightio.My GP carried on talking, but, having dropped the C-bomb, all […]

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Festival Chic vs Mud-Covered Freak

  Oh festivals how I love thee! Dancing in a field, sun shining, arms slung casually round the bronzed shoulders of a bunch of beaming mates – you can’t beat it. That’s a Kodak moment right there. When I’m on my deathbed, flicking through my […]

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Social Me-Me-Media

No, I haven’t developed a stutter. I’m just sitting here, phone in hand, contemplating that innocuous-looking little lower-case blue ‘f’ with the white background.The Facebook app. photo credit It’s just a button, a single tap on my iPhone home screen, but what lurks beneath is […]

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