The Faded Brow, painstakingly applied with delicate feathery strokes, hair by pencilled-in hair; cut-crease eyeshadow so razor-sharp it’s as though the angles have been carefully measured out with a protractor (well, we’ve had no other use for such an instrument since high school); the ruler-straight application of Nike-swoosh eyeliner; plumpy, pouty lips….

photo credit: The insanely talented MUA An Knook, Instagram @makeupbyan   


With the attention lavished on the other features on our perfectly-painted faces, you’d be forgiven for thinking that cheeks are out, since blush gets a bum deal – it’s the least-featured feature on those endless YouTube beauty tutorials.

Of course, the eyes are the windows to our souls, and a fleeky flick is one of my favourite makeup magic-tricks…but blusher is one beauty weapon in my arsenal that I’ll never go without. Now this may be because I’m a typical English Rose – well, that’s the romantic description of a pale and pasty complexion the same shade as the bland magnolia paint on the walls of my house (if I stand naked against them I’m completely camouflaged – which makes for some fun games of hide-and-seek at my place).

To me, a quick swipe over the cheekbones with a pretty peachy blush is the finishing touch that brings my whole face to life – taking me from drab to fab in seconds. In Victorian times, women would pinch their cheeks, bite their lips and dab the juice of berries or beetroot onto their skin in order to give that flush of youth and vigour, that just-rolled-in-the-hay glow.
Thankfully, makeup has moved on and we can now get on with eating our lunch rather than rubbing it all over our faces, but we still want to achieve that fresh-from-fornicating flush, don’t we girls?
Well, you’re in luck. Can I get a hearty round of applause for….

Benefit’s Galifornia blush.

From the cutesy artwork on the packaging to the delicately fragranced peach-pink powder and oh-so-pretty golden layer on top, this blusher is the bomb. At first I was dubious, having been seriously underwhelmed by another of Benefit’s blushers: Dandelion. It was too pale, too powdery and the pigment was too weak for my already-pallid complexion. But this was a freebie (thanks, Quidco!) and I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, so….

This product is Dandelion’s older, sassier sister: stronger, cooler and more self-assured. She glides on like a dream and will stay put until you physically remove her (a bit like me at parties). The fragrant vanilla-and-grapefruit scented cocktail is alluring – noticable every time you apply it, but subtle, and adds to the pleasure of using the product. Scented makeup is a thing: my Bourjois chocolate-scented bronzer, shaped like a bar of Cadbury’s with its little domed segments, is also a firm favourite. All the sugary goodness without larding up my lady lumps – sweet!

Okay, so the golden top layer is just an overspray and doesn’t run all the way through the product, which was a little disappointing, but the intensity of the pigment and radiance-boosting effect is so good that we’ll let Benefit off for the bare-faced cheekiness of that misleading characteristic.
Does the blusher deliver the sun-kissed sexiness of a Californian surfer-gal? Yep! Does the packaging, depicting a hippy-dippy all-American Coachella-style beauty reflect the product inside? Yes siree!

Are you left with the innocent radiance of a voluptuous young milkmaid? Tick. This blush will deliver the poshest of post-coital glows with the minimum of effort – which, let’s face it girls, is a whole lot less hassle than the real deal 😉

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a spot of Galifornication…

Galifornia dreamin’

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Sam x

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