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Electro Reiki Ibiza

Like all the most interesting characters I’ve had the pleasure of meeting throughout my life, Ibiza has a multi-faceted personality. She is the wild, dancing-on-the-bar party girl, the last one standing at the end of the night; that crazy chica who simply throws back another […]

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I’m A Guest On FunkySX radio

Last October in Ibiza, whilst shaking my tailfeather and sipping overpriced vodka limons on the Space terrace, having a ball despite ball-burn (darn those pesky skyscraper heels) and a rapidly-diminishing stack of euros, I spotted a familiar face across the packed dancefloor: Eve, my glam […]

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Space: The Final Frontier

Ibiza. Eye-beef-ahh. Ee-beez-a. Whatever your preferred pronunciation, most people who visit The White Isle never go just once: the island is a magnet. If she were a woman she’d be a fearless rubber-clad dominatrix, mercilessly reeling you in then spitting you out; she eats guileless […]

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Our Fifteen Minutes

Until the first episode of Ibiza Uncovered aired on Sky1, the fact that we were about to appear on a weekly television show hadn’t fully sunk in. Sure, we’d signed on the dotted line of the contracts, filmed the “before” scenes: packing our cases at […]

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One Foot In The Rave

photo credit It’s Sunday evening after the previous night’s clubbing, you’re slumped in the local old folks’ home wearing a pair of stained, too-big jeans, which you’re sure until recently were the perfect fit. Suddenly, over the course of what feels like only a matter […]

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Let It Go

When the long-awaited day finally comes for you to stand before your beaming congregation of family and friends, feeling lighter than air, wearing the most expensive dress you’ll ever own and full of hope and optimism for the future, it’s easy to repeat those solemn […]

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